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The OpenFL website is open-source! If you would like to add a new project to the OpenFL Showcase, you can do this using a pull request: 1. Fork the repository If you create a fork of repository,…

Install script for newer version of Haxe on Linux (1)
Updated installer for Flash Player Debugger (Linux) (1)
All-in-One Solitaire (Windows Store) (3)
OpenFL Starling GAF Player (5)
[Open-Source] VolleybombMP (1)
Orbital Decay and the rest of my portfolio, now in glorious HTML5 (1)
Open Source Game “Hungry Hero” (3)
[THWORD GAME] Starling game port to Haxe and HTML5 (1)
[LIB][iOS][ANDROID] S3 for OpenFL and Get image from camera / gallery (7)
ThinQbator - Idea sharing social media (4)
Fun Number Bonds - Calling all parents (1)
Colyseus Multiplayer Client for Haxe (2)
Preview of our Flash to HTML5 games conversion (1)
Introducing a mod API tool ready to be used on OpenFL (2)
My eventually-to-be-on-PC game, Me and My Assault Rifle II Phase I (4)
WebGL puzzle game (7)
Enhance - Ads, Analytics & More! - Implementation in MINUTES! (9)
A new kind of puzzle slider (2)
My first own game created with Haxe/Openfl (5)
My first published android game made with openfl and haxeflixel (3)
Crashdumper, Firetongue, and Flixel-UI (4)
Open Source Game "Spacer" (1)
Experimental site (3)
Renaine Game Website written completely in OpenFL (5)
StablexUI-Designer: a visual GUI-Builder for StablexUI (18)
Nothing Clicker! A clicker about nothing (1)
An interactive northernlights experience created with the help of OpenFL, Haxe and Unreal Engine (3)
Golden8bits fantasy console (4)
Spritesheet Upgraded with Tilemaps (8)