The Top Hat Club - iOS Platform Game

Hi Everybody,

After a very slow development (in my spare time), I recently released a mobile version of my old browser game The Top Hat Club. It’s a platform game presented in glorious monochrome with a pseudo-victorian style.

The game has been completely remade with OpenFL an has higher resolution graphics, mobile friendly screen sizes, faster gameplay and brand new levels.

Currently only available on iOS but the Android version is (hopefully) coming soon.

If you’re interested in playing it, let me know in this post and I’ll send you a promo code.



Looks fun, I’ll give it a try!

So was it Flash before, or a different technology?

@Confidant Yeah, it was originally a Flash/AS3 game, so some parts of the game logic were easy enough to move to Haxe. The challenges were around updating the screen size (it was originally 4:3 only) and improving the resolution of the graphics.

Congrats, looks great!

Was it a good experience porting it to iOS and getting it up on the AppStore or did you run into any unexpected issues?

Best, KC

@Cifius Thanks. It was mostly a good experience. I wasn’t working to any specific timeframe so it was quite a relaxed development :slight_smile:

I had some issues around getting the Flash animations working properly - I’ve used SWFs in OpenFL projects before and not had any problems, but I think the complexity / nesting of the animations in this game caused unexpected behaviour.

Also I had an issue with Tilemap size being incorrect (too small) on iOS, which I never actually solved properly (something to do with Retina screens maybe?).