OpenFL Starling GAF Player

OpenFL Starling GAF Player for Starling branch 1.8, but should work with 2.xx version (may require small fixes).
For now not ported work with TextFields in GAF (because of no needs and heavily depends on feathers).
Not ported ATF because of not fully support in Starling.
Supports loading zip bundles (uses zip library).
Tested on Flash and Html5 target.

Feel free posts commint and issues.


Added very basic support of GAFTextField (using Starling TextField instead of Feathers TextInput), that could be disabled (animation will work, but textfields will be excluded )

Thx a lot for your work!

I dont understand why Haxe Starling developers dont think about animations engines like GAF player. A can not convert my Staling game to haxe without GAF. I dont have enough time to create own port.

Do you have plan to fully support Straling 2.x without neede to fix compability problems?
And how can I install and update in future your module?

There are Straling 2.x version -
I use it in my project, all is good. May be it would be helpfull for you.


Thanks for feedback.
As I see not so many developers uses GAF, usually they prefer use Spine or Dragonbones.
Latest changes you could find on github.
I didn’t see that GAF has branch for starling 2.1, I think only difference in few feathers classes.
I also don’t have much time for now, if I have needs I’ll check 2.X.
For now I use Starling 1.8 with GAF so I could fix issues that appears during work.
But as I see there only 6 commits over master, so if needed you could compare and apply changes to current port.

OpenFL GAF Player for Starling 2.xx released, feel free to test and use (@Mintonist)


Thx for OpenFL GAF Player for Starling 2.xx release!)

Haxelib version of GAF Player for Starling 1.8 and 2.x available:


Is any chance to update the library?)
Remove WDeprecated warnings and zip dependence (zip - now is part of lime/openfl)

Updated v2.0.1 on github and haxelib:


Wow! :clap:

Very thanks!