Feathers UI beta.1 preview build

Hey, OpenFL community!

Just a quick update to let everyone know that the beta.1 preview build of Feathers UI is now available on Haxelib. For those who might not know about the project yet, Feathers UI is an open source UI component framework for cross-platform development. It’s built with Haxe and OpenFL, and it can target mobile, desktop, and web.

We’re now leaving the alpha stage to enter beta, and the core architecture is looking really solid. Breaking changes should be minimal going forward, and most of the components that existed in the Starling version are up and running in OpenFL (plus a few extras that never existed in Starling at all!).

Today’s beta.1 release includes new Drawer, HDividedBox, VDividedBox, and LayoutGroupItemRenderer components. A new ResponsiveGridLayout makes it possible to tweak the layout of a single view on multiple screen sizes, and three new samples demonstrate how to create custom programmatic skins.

For complete details, see the official beta.1 announcement on the blog:

From the Kickstarter backers, to the early adopters using the alpha builds, to everyone who has provided feedback over the years, thank you for this opportunity to continue developing Feathers UI and making it even better.


It seems that I accidentally made beta.1 incompatible with the older OpenFL 8.9. That was a mistake. I know that not everyone is ready to upgrade to OpenFL 9 yet. It’s fixed on Github, and I’ve updated the CI server to build with 8.9 so that it doesn’t happen again. I plan to release beta.2 soon. Probably within the next two weeks.

EDIT: See the beta.2 announcement with OpenFL 8.9 support restored.