Penrose - a non-linear narrative by doublespeak games

Hey everyone!

I just released my largest work yet: a text-based non-linear narrative game called Penrose.
OpenFL allowed me to deploy to web, Android, and iOS all with a single code-base.
I’m extremely grateful for this tool, so I figured I’d reach out here to send my thanks and give away a few copies.

You can play a demo free on the web at, or comment here with your preferred platform and I’ll give away some keys.

<3 Michael


It looks more like a mystery novel than a game. How am I supposed to play it. Are there any instructions there?

Definitely more of a novella than a traditional game. My design philosophy very much leans on learning through doing, and tutorials/instructions remove a big part of the fun of a new game for me. I totally get that not everyone shares my tastes.

The “right” way to interact with this is to read the story, fiddle with stuff, and watch what happens. Patterns will emerge, I promise.

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