Continuation language for Flash programmers

I have been working on a way to continue using Flash style programming in the WebApp universe. So i have created a transpiler that emits either AS3 code (which could be modified for Haxe), or JS code (for web apps), with a uniform runtime.

It’s a free tool, a language called Beads, which you can find at

You don’t have to learn HTML / CSS / JS/Frameworks.

It has a novel layout system, but Flash programmers will find it very familiar in many ways, although i did adopt Python’s indent significant syntax. I invite you all to take it for a spin.

Is it different from Haxe? :thinking:

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Beads is a higher level language than Haxe or AS3. The layout, event and other things are built into the language, so programs tend to be shorter. There is a github repository with plenty of sample code, at

  • Flash programmers will find it very familiar in many ways?

For example?

The drawing model of Beads is more similar to Flash AS3 graphics; instead of using HTML

tags, and svg, you use a consist set of drawing functions (draw_rect, draw_oval, etc.) that will generate either svg or canvas bitmap data. So you don’t have to learn the entirely different drawing systems in the web world, which has vector being completely different than bitmap (in Flash you could just set the flag cacheAsBitmap and you were done!, so much simpler)…

I find Haxe 10× closer to ActionScript than Beads.

The API of openfl shows that Haxe+openfl is the continuation language for Flash programmers.