Snack Bar Classic: a new version after nearly 30 years


I published yesterday a preview of an old game on Google Play that I developed the first time in 1985. Right over 35 years ago. In 1991 I did the first PC version, already with Soundblaster 1.0 support at this time. This version was used even in school. The last version is from 1994. The game is really very simple and is some kind of educational business simulation for kids. But as I still have some (now older) out there, I did a new version for the 30th anniversary of the PC version. This time for Android and developed with OpenFL.

You can see some screenshots on Google Play or try the preview yourself.



Great. I like the drawing style. Reminds me on Neighbors from Hell :wink:

Thanks. Credit goes to Aleksandar Jovic from Serbia.

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Anything retro gaming is okay in my books. Congrats!

I have to say it -we call it Balkan style (I’m from Bosnia) :slight_smile:

Have been many times in Bosnia mainly Velika Kladuša. My last girl friend was from Croatia. Her parents lived near the Bosnian boder. We went for shopping to Bingo all the time :D. Also have been 2 times at the Sarajevo Filmfest, as I am also a filmmaker. Hopefully the Corona thing ends soon, so I can go there again.
And I am from Germana.

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:slight_smile: :joy:

Soundblaster, so many years since I have heard that name. My first MIDI in PC was with a Sounblaster card and micro MIDI connections.

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I miss those times. I had much more fun with coding back in those days. Nowadays everything is controlled by Google, Apple and even MS.