Restaurant Streets: feed friends in your own restaurant

Hello OpenFL community!
I decided to share the game, which is made on the basis of the old flash version in html5.

All animation in the game is implemented on the basis of the Sprite class and an additionally written class that initializes assets and creates movement.

The game also introduces animation of 3D characters and custom assembly of the player. For this, an external ThreeJS library was used. In it, assembly and rendering takes place, after which a set of ready-made frames is supplied to the game.

The game still needs some work and bug fixes, but it’s already possible to play it.
You can try HTML5-version here

If you have any questions or comments on the implementation - write in the comments

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For some reason I am stuck on this screen :slightly_frowning_face: The clouds are flying, nothing else happens…

Try to just refresh. This “wandering” bug sometimes happens in the process of fixing

I’ve tried this 30+ times, but the result is the same (there is no any errors in console or network activity). But when i try to open it in a slow tablet machine (same windows 10 and firefox versions) - it works every refresh. It’s like something is happening faster than it needs to be, although it could be a coincidence. Maybe it helps…

Thanks for the advice. There, apparently, some of the game assets are too large and a number of machines do not want to unpack it, it gives an error when loading the asset file. Now I’m dealing with this, there needs a “brute force method” :slight_smile:

Ok, if testing is needed - I have a machine (relatively fast) that never opens the game, and vice versa, a tablet on which the game always loads slowly but surely :wink: