[Starling] FFParticleSystem demo + source

This is a port of a more advanced particle system for Starling. It’s still kinda WIP but the haxe demo looks exactly like the as3 demo FFParticleSystemDemo

Improvements compared to the classic particle system :

  • particle pool
  • batching (less draw calls)
  • multi buffering (avoid stalling)
  • animated particles
  • random start frames
  • filter support
  • optional custom sorting, code and variables
  • calculating bounds (optional)
  • spawnTime, fadeIn/fadeOut
  • emit angle alligned particle rotation
  • various performance improvements

It is compatible with .pex files like the regular system.

Right now it is as close to the as3 version as I could make it, I don’t like the way effects and styles are registered though so I will likely try to improve that in the near future (if anyone wants to have a go I’ll gladly merge a pull request :wink: )

I will make an editor for it at some point but can’t give an ETA for that

source code can be found here GitHub - MatseFR/starling-extension-FFParticleSystem: Improved particle system for the Starling framework