Missing the AIR target for OpenFL apps

I’ve downloaded the latest FlashDevelop & HaxeDevelop and have created a new OpenFL app. However in the drop down choice, AIR is missing. Therefore I cannot access any of the AIR APIs with OpenFL apps. Alternatively if I create a normal AIR Haxe app and try to add OpenFL that crashes with hundreds of build errors. So there is no way to target AIR apps with OpenFL?

I created a new OpenFL app

AIR is missing


Maybe take a read on this topic see if it helps.

The AIR topic is fairly new, so FlashDevelop has not added it to its hard-coded set of targets for OpenFL

However, the list in FlashDevelop is editable, so go ahead and type in “air” in the drop-down, and give it try :wink:

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I did this and it worked. Thank you so much!

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