OpenFL does not compile in FlashDevelop

I ported a simple AIR app from AS3 to Haxe, but even the basic OpenFL/Starling stack does not compile. I’ve got all the latest versions of all the libs, Haxe 3.4.4, FD 5.3, AIR 26.

These are the errors I get when I simply open the .hxproj in FD and build it:

Replicating this bug

Steps to replicate:

  1. Update all your libs “haxelib run openfl setup”
  2. Download the zip from github
  3. Open the hxproj in FlashDevelop
  4. Hit compile


openfl._internal.renderer.RenderSession has no field maskManager
openfl._internal.renderer.RenderSession has no field cairo

OpenFL is designed to be built from the Lime command-line tools, so it is much more than a “haxe build.hxml” step (which the normal FlashDevelop template might use), since we generate icons, embed SWF assets, copy and rename assets, precompile and compile binaries and other steps needed for all the platform targets.

Here’s how to build a basic sample :slight_smile:

openfl create project MyNewProject
cd MyNewProject
openfl test flash

Our blank project template includes a FlashDevelop project file, which you should be able to open and use for building on top of the blank slate :slight_smile:

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Thanks to your help in my other thread, I managed to get OpenFL compiling. My project is available on github in case anyone else has a similar problem…