Build hangs on ___resources__.cpp?

Haxe 3.4.2
Lime 4.0.3
OpenFL 4.9.2

Trying to build any of the samples/my own projects for Windows hangs at building _resources.cpp file, even if it is empty. This happens for both VS2010 and VS2017

It doesn’t, you just need to wait a bit more.
I had the same concerns before :slight_smile:

The last time I waited for it to finish, it went past 10 mins, and I just canceled it after 30 mins. Will try again and report back.

This. Happened to me with away3D stuff. Really strange, but 2nd compile onward is usually faster.

Are a lot of assets being embedded using <assets embed="true" />? I believe that embedded files will end up in __resources__.cpp

No, the problem also comes up when compiling projects with no assets. It compiles well for me now, all of the problems I’ve experienced got fixed when I switched from MSVC 2010/2017 to MSVC 2015.