Using Starling in Haxe


I have a few Starling based projects that I would like to port to Haxe, in order to target HTML5.
I noticed there is a haxe port of Starling but without much traffic. Is it worth considering?

How many of you make use of Haxe-Starling? can anyone provide a testimony of how solid it is?
Would you say it can be used for production level games?

You may not need Starling, as OpenFL is the display list, GPU accelerated (without use of an extra library), but I think there are a couple Haxe Starling ports, which should work over OpenFL Stage3D API compatibility. This will work only in GL targets, though, so no HTML5 canvas support, etc, but maybe that’s fine. Ordinary OpenFL can target DOM, canvas or WebGL on the web :slight_smile:

but I wanted to ask about actual developers using the haxe port of Starling. Does it work well?
Is there solid performance on WebGL target? How usable is it?

I prefer the cleaner, modern API in Starling for managing display lists and most of my existing code uses it, so naturally its the best option for porting code over to haxe.

I have not yet tried Haxe Starling, but I’m in a similar position - I have a Starling project I’d like to port to OpenFL for the HTML5 target.

Another interesting & simpler possibility is: - it provides a similar API to Starling and uses the super-fast OpenFL TileLayer class. It’s got a Sparrow atlas class (same as Starling) that you can load your atlases+xml.

I thought I’d also mention as that could help automate much of the code porting job.

Thanks for the tip, Jeff.

as3hx is a real time saver!
As for the tile layer, I’ll give it a try.