US$500 Bounty OpenFL/Lime play video in IOS and Android

I am offering US$500 Bounty for OpenFL/Lime support for IOS and Android.

OpenFL API Reference shows and We need to have iOS/Android native video for OpenFL.

Basically, having video support on iOS and Android, and being able to use the classes and* to play a video.mp4 file like we were used to do with Flash/ActionScript 3.

According to Joshua (OpenFL singmajesty), the founder of OpenFL:

“OpenFL uses the browser on HTML5 or currently Lime on native/mobile platforms to implement lower-level features such as video support.

Once Lime has video support OpenFL can support it quite quickly. Happy to discuss video support in Lime and work with anyone spear-heading that effort.”

The bounty is $250 for iOS and $250 for Android to implement (native) video support in Lime.

Hopefully you will also be interested to share that with the community, and hopefully spear-head that effort, as mentioned by Josh.

Initial discussion on this at: