Does OpenFL/Haxe play video in iOS & Android?

I have made several openfl applications using Videos but all in html5 and embedded with Cordova.
Did you also try the StaveVideo?

Hi Loudo, I tried and was able to get openfl to play video with HTML5 and Flash, but I also need native iOS and Android. I have not tried NME with StageVideo yet, because I would prefer to adopt openfl in our projects instead of moving to NME, but I may need to try that path… Thanks!

One day someone will build – as a “native extension”. You know, proof of concept I made some time ago proved it is possible.

You can use ffmpeg in commercial apps –

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Hi Dimous, building ffmpeg in OpenFL is a great idea, and that seems possible on the business side based on the links that you posted. That will be indeed a great addition to OpenFL. Thanks!

One thing that I don’t understand is why OpenFL/Lime does not make use of the video playing capabilities inherent in each platform (iOS/Android). That is free to use because Apple/Google has already the license for the codes, etc. For mobile, which is really important, using iOS/Android existing libs that could be a great solution…

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To ensure the conditions of the FFmpeg license are met, without forcing OpenFL projects into the GPL/LGPL license, it must be referenced as a separate binary (dynamically linked library for example).

I’ve used FFmpeg in the past as a native process (executable external to my app), to avoid that issue. That was for encoding purposes only though.

Hi Bink, thanks for your post. Yes, tit would be great to use a separate lib and somehow use the capabilities of a video player - perhaps using an haxe extension - and hopefully leveraging the native video playing capabilities.

I wonder if somebody in the community was capable of doing that - for example implementing a haxe extension to play video using a native framework of iOS or Android. Anybody?


Consider creating feature request on github. Maybe Joshua himself would implement it.

Also, offering a bounty is a common practice in haxe community to quicken things a bit.

OpenFL uses the browser on HTML5 or currently Lime on native/mobile platforms to implement lower-level features such as video support.

Once Lime has video support OpenFL can support it quite quickly. Happy to discuss video support in Lime and work with anyone spear-heading that effort.

to that effect Lime has a version of webm compiling but no API to support it yet


Hi Dimous, that is a good. I am willing to offer a bounty of $500 for getting video support on OpenFL/LIme as Joshua mentioned. Thanks!

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Hi Joshua,

Thank you for post! I have been out to adapt to the new normal. Back now :slight_smile:

Your idea to add video support in OpenFL/Lime is very good. Not sure if somebody volunteered, but I am willing to offer a Bounty of $500 for a prototype of video support for iOS and Android, as you mentioned, and hopefully find a volunteer and get this video support as an ongoing development. Maybe advertising in Jobs of the Forum.

Any suggestion to move forward?


Hi, Bruno
don’t forget to mention it in Job Offers & Bounties of the next haxe roundup –

I appreciate it, Dimous!

Yes, I will mention it in Job Offers & Bounties.

How does the bounty usually work in the OpenFL Forum/Community? Do you know of a good post for reference to describe the bounty? Any other recommendations?


You can try to publish your bounty on the next roundup ( here ) or ask Lars to open bounty on his bounty page ( )

See previous issue for reference –
Short description and a link to should be enough.

I’d be glad to have the video working in Android/IOS and Desktop. I can add 200$ to the bounty.

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Thanks, Loud!

I am getting more contribution to get this done. In fact, it seems that we can have up to $1000 in total. I am updating the bounty offer soon, posted in this OpenFL forum and Haxe forum.


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I am also interested in video support on native platforms. How is the status of this now? Are there advances? How can I contribute to the bounty?


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