Upgraded to Haxe 4.0.5 but OpenFl isn't coming along

So I installed Haxe 4.0.5 (I read somewhere on the forum it is the latest supported one, is it ?) but if I try to do anything with OpenFl.exe in it I get an exception.

So I tried the fix I read on the boards, did: “haxelib run openfl setup -alias”, and it still throws the same thing.

Little help, please :slight_smile:

I’m using these versions without problems.

haxe: 4.1.2
hxcpp: 4.1.15
lime: 7.8.0
openfl: 8.9.7

I just tried those versions and it’s not happening, anytime openfl.exe is called that application error gets thrown in windows.

Also “haxelib run openfl setup -alias” isn’t fixing it.

Edit 1: thought openfl.exe was just a shortcut for “haxelib run openfl”, don’t know why it is acting up like this though.

from CMD openfl, is it still an error?

Yeah, every single time I call openfl.exe it throws the error.
If I do haxelib run openfl it’s good.
So I removed openfl.exe and openfl files and tried : haxelib run openfl setup -alias
and this time it created new openfl.exe and openfl files. That run ok.
I don’t know what is going on though.
Going to see if everything is compiling in every target I use before I move on.
So weird.

maybe openfl setup is broken and didn’t install dependencies? what is your haxelib list?

Am on Haxe 4.1.2

hxcpp: 4.1.15
lime: 7.8.0
openfl: 8.9.7

openfl setup says:
lime is up to date
lime-samples is up to date
actuate is up to date
box2d is up to date
layout is up to date

what does haxelib version return for you?

haxelib version comes back with 3.3.0

May sound like a dumb question, except it’s happened to me before. When you installed haxe, did you install it to the same place as your previous installation?

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Yes. Same as the previous installation. @intoxopox

The strange thing is you have haxelib 3.3.0 which is very old. It should be 4.0.2 with haxe 4.1.2. Seems like maybe there’s a problem with haxelib run openfl setup (or something) that is installing that old version of haxelib? Not really sure what’s going on there.

were having the same error in this post Can Haxe compile a windows app on it's own. Or would I need something like Nw.js too with it? and they also had haxelib 3.3.0 for some reason.

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Weird part is, now when I try:
openfl rebuild tools

it’s throwing :
scripts/format/swf/exporters/SWFLiteExporter.hx:1201: characters 8-11 : Unknown identifier : Idx
scripts/format/swf/exporters/SWFLiteExporter.hx:1198: lines 1198-1203 : Missing return: Int

Edit: If I set to the latest openfl installed, it does rebuild