Tizen target dropped?

has the tizen target been dropped? i just came home from a vacation to india with a samsung z1 and was looking forward to play around with it and openfl.
if it is indeed dropped could you tell me which combination of lime,openfl,hxcpp,… is the last one to support it, plz?
if it’s not dropped please add the ndlls for tizen again.

thx a lot. :smile:

The story is that our testing device for Tizen was using Tizen 2.2. When they first released Tizen 2.3 SDKs, they made 2.2 SDKs unavailable to download. That was the first problem. They never released an update to our testing device, so we cannot compile for the phone anymore.

We asked for a newer testing device, but did not receive one. I cannot in good confidence support a platform using only an emulator, so it seemed that Tizen support was doomed.

I have been following things, we tried to get a Z1 when it was released, but I’m not in India. I just looked again, and found some available on eBay for international shipping. Does the device work alright outside of India? No issues with activation, etc?

I ordered one, so we will see how long it takes to get here :slight_smile:

ah okay. shame on samsung. i understand why you didn’t feel like supporting it like that.

i activated the device in india with an indian sim card, as i used it as a “disposable” phone during the vacation.

but i did a factory reset right now and was able to start the device and create a new samsung id without a sim inserted. worked fine.
i can’t check if my selfcut german nano sim works in that phone though, since it won’t fit into the adapter properly. :wink:
if your interested about that, i can give you a follow up. i will get my hands on a microsim within the week.
awesome of you to order one! keeping my fingers crossed it will arrive in a timely manner.

thx for your reply and motivation to keep the tizen target alive. :smile:
if you need any help testing stuff, drop me a line.

Shipping says “arriving on Wednesday,” we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:

awesome. :smile:
all the sim cards i tried worked fine btw.
dabbling in the native sdk for the moment.

Oops, they released a Samsung Z3 just now :wink:

I suppose that’s a good sign, that’s now (at least?) two Tizen phones on the India market

The device came, I think I got the Tizen 2.3 SDK installed, and HXCPP recompiling. I’m not sure, though, about the right (best) steps for things to begin working again with a full application. Do you have any native (C++) build experience? Would you be interested in helping? :slight_smile:

I think the next step would be to take a Tizen sample (like GLViewCube? https://developer.tizen.org/development/sample/2.3.0/sample-mobile-applications), and try and build it using the Tizen IDE that’s included with the SDK. Assuming that works properly, the next step may be to try and reproduce the same build using HXCPP instead.

If we can build the same project using HXCPP, it’s then a matter of us migrating similar functionality to Lime 2.

in general i build some native c++ extensions for openfl and so far i toyed around with EFL and libcurl with the tizen ide (sdk 2.3.1) and got it running on the device.
i wouldn’t rate my c/c++ coding/building skills very highly though.
but yeah, i am interested in helping and learning in the process.

interestingly it seems i am not getting any samples to work that use opengl. the evas_gl cairo example quits before showing the “window” and the glviewcube 1.1&2.0 examples don’t even install. :confused:

so yeah. i agree. the first step seams to be to get anything opengl running first. :smile:
i’ll try that.

okay. by trial and error i found out that the GLViewCube example compiles and installs when you remove hw-acceleration=“on” from the ui-application tag in the manifest. oO

the preferred renderer gets set to “opengl” in the code anyway so that might be okay i guess?
to be safe® one could probably add

<feature name="http://tizen.org/feature/opengles.version.2_0">true</feature>

to the manifest.

btw. sdk 2.3 is not available anymore… this seems to be a reoccurring pattern with samsung. :frowning:
i can only download 2.4 and 2.3.1
the z3 has tizen 2.4 already. there was a beta program for the z1 to get 2.4 beta on it, but it’s closed.
i would guess the z1 will get the update soon and samsung will stop making the sdk 2.3.1 available.
so maybe it would be better to get hxcpp/lime ready for 2.4? i don’t know.
would this only come down to adjusting the paths in “tizen-toolchain.xml” of hxcpp as you already did and some testing?

i’ll have a go at that tomorrow. :smile:

Hopefully the Z1 is updated to 2.4. I don’t want to run into the same problem again :cry:

okay i think i finally grasped the scope of this problem.
compiling hxcpp went well, but the current lime build uses a lot of now defunct apis.

i did some research though and today sdk version 2.3.1 rev1 was released with the anouncement that the upcoming sdk 2.4 rev1 will suport both platforms. i hope the apis will be compatible, or at least not as wildly different as from 2.2 to 2.3.


aaand a milestone for tizen 3.0 is to keep api compatibility to 2.4.


so i think it’s pretty save to start using 2.4 for this.

soooo. you earlier said one should try to build the tizen project with HXCPP… is there documentation on how i should go about that somewhere? otherwise i’ll just kepp going down my current path of googling and trial&error. :wink:

Well, even before HXCPP, some combination of SDK and device software that works with existing Tizen samples is a promising start. If those don’t work for us, integrating the same type of code into Lime won’t help :smile:

So is there an SDK 2.3.1 or 2.4 update to the Z1 hardware? Does 2.3.1 work with the device as-is? I downloaded the 2.3 SDK (maybe it was 2.3.1) I think we could start there if that’s all the hardware supports. In 2.2, I saw discrepancies between hardware and simulator – I don’t trust simulators usually :wink:

The hardware accelerated flag is REALLY important for performance. I remember the night I discovered it, and realized why everything was slow :sweat_smile:

Have we had any luck with samples yet?

well just using the native sdk without anything out of the lime ecosystem, i have got the glviewcube sample working with sdk 2.3.1 and the newest firmware version that i got over the air via the normal update. that is (z130hdduob0H1)
i just had to remove the acceleration flag though… :confused:

in the code there is the line


docs: https://developer.tizen.org/dev-guide/2.3.0/org.tizen.native.mobile.apireference/group__Engine.html#ga5bffe9d8bd36424943aa8d20ac148027

though. i think that takes care of it. i hope… :worried:

I just got as well, I tried 2.4 beta but registrations are closed :frowning:

They say 2.3.1 is the match for the Z1, though, likely after this OTA update. This sounds promising. I assume that preference done in the C++ code triggers it?

Hi Josh, hi everybody in the OpenFL community!

… I guess it’s fair to say, that Tizen support from OpenFL is pretty much dropped in the moment …
Is this how it’s going to stay, or are there any other plans?

Any if it would be eventually revived, would it merely deal with the HTML5 Tizen target,
or even enable native Tizen c++ apps?!?

Thanks a lot for keeping us up to date,

Hi again!

Just saw your reply on the other Tizen related thread …

…so I know the status quo from June 2016 now…
Anything has changed since then?


It looks like they do not have SDL2 support, though it has been discussed (it seems) in a few places.

Without SDL2, there is a lot of work needed on our part to support a Tizen target. I’m not sure this is something we can do given our current resources, but I would be open to including source files if someone else were to do this work.

I think that HTML5 is probably the most practical form of support for Tizen, as that doesn’t require additional (special) testing. Would that work properly for your needs? What are you looking for?

Hi Josh, thanks for quick response …

More or less I am looking for a comfortable and not restrictive way to do
some development for Smartwatches (like Samsung Gear S2 and S3 … a.t.l.), which are running on Tizen (SDK 2.3.1 and above)…

I am aware that this will not be possible entirely without the TIZEN IDE (for basic project layout
& signing process ), but maybe OpenFL could come in handy in the (graphical) design process…
so I guess that some basic HTML5 support (displaying bitmaps, basic animations) would suffice for the moment … (I will make a short test with OpenFL html5 target for that matter - to see what is still missing
for me … )

I am just evaluating the possibilities at the moment …
and it looks like that all the Tizen efforts in the Haxe community happened around 2 years ago,
when Tizen SDK 2.2 was new (and hot) and then the whole thing cooled down again …

I think I explained the scenario, where they a.) deprecated the APIs we used, b.) did not release an update for our testing device and c.) stopped allowing downloads of the older SDK. This effectively killed all the work I did to support their platform :frowning:

Please let me know what you find, we have canvas and WebGL as options, and may run suitably. I’d be happy to support Tizen in the Lime tools, as HTML5, it would require templates and coordination with the Tizen SDK tools, but otherwise won’t require writing a whole new platform target. I think it could be a win :slight_smile: