Openfl and Tizen

Hi there!

I hope this ain’t a stupid question.
On the openfl website it says:
Build games and applications for almost every platform imaginable – Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Tizen, Flash and even HTML5

So I thought to myself I should give it a try, installed all the required components (executed ‘lime setup tizen’ at a command-prompt too of course) and finally created a new openfl project in Flashdevelop targeting Tizen.
Well, all I get when I try to compile is the following error:
Error: Source path “C:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\lib\lime/2,9,1/ndll/Tizen/” does not exist

Indeed, there’s no folder called Tizen at all.
What might be wrong? Is Tizen not supported anymore?


Hello, and welcome! :slight_smile:

When Tizen 2.2 was new, we added support for the platform, but when they updated to 2.3, they removed most of the native APIs we relied upon, and did not release updates for our development devices. With no good way to test the newer version, we abandoned support.

I visited SDC this year and spoke with Tizen developers, they said the API has stabilized, and that they would consider SDL2 support. Since the time that we first added Tizen, we have moved most of our stack to SDL2 on the native side, so if they add SDL2 support then we will be able to inherit Tizen support with little work on our end. Unless someone was motivated to spend the time to write a new platform support layer, I think this is our best bet, while we wait and wish Tizen the best :wink: Do you use the platform?

Hi singmajesty!

Thanks for your thorough answer. :slight_smile:
I wouldn’t say I use the platform though. Actually I haven’t heard
of Tizen OS until we got a new TV set recently. Since I’m a long
time FlashDevelop user and I wanted to broaden my horizons, using
FlashDevelop+OpenFL seemed like an easy solution to port some
applications to Tizen. Let’s call it a crackpot idea. :wink:
I guess Tizen isn’t that popular, is it? OpenFL is pretty interesting
though and I’ll most likely look into porting some stuff to HTML5.