The size of imported MovieClip from Swflibrary is not right

Hello i have a problem with imported MovieClip.
In Flash professional the size of child MovieClip is height 240 and width (~110 and ~70) slightly differ depends on which direction character is facing, after draw MC to BitmapData i happen to see that when set non transparent bitmap that the actual MC happen to be on 60 % percent of surface, I assume that it have same size as MovieClip in flash professional, whilst the other surface is background which inflate size to about 196:325, so my question is how to draw only movie clip with right width and height, i mean if i set middle point of bitmap to be at center, the character will to left from center, also i can cut it manually, but what if i introduce char with other base MC (like different race or species) so i want to know if there is something that i can use to fix problem (or in setting of flash or some library with will crop an image);

What type of asset is it? Is it a TextField? The size will not be exactly the size of one letter, though if it is not dynamic then it might just be the drawn letter shape. I think the OpenFL Plugin for Flash Professional CC might not export letters at shapes at the moment, but will all be dynamic. If this is the case, you may need to use getColorBoundsRect on BitmapData in order to know exactly where the letter is drawn

I’m sorry for late answer but my type of resource is movie clip witch is designed from several smaller MC (to be truthful is it a MC with four child MC which is character in each direction, each character are constructed from several movie clips in order to be able create animations in future for different poses/jobs, on last level there are Shape with Fill Color of part of Body.
Also i don’t use openFL plugin only i publish swf library and manually those entries that openfl plugin will add (If there is something more which add to haxe project oepnfl plugin than described in Flash Professional extension for OpenFL please tell me), also to be truthful is there any other way to create bitmapData from MC than BitmapData.draw() ?? I ask because in my project even though the mc display without any problems, in a case of bitmap sometimes there seems to show some problems like outline with missing pixels, or curve which magically becomes more straight, to be truthful currently i’m testing project only for windows, and as main platform i develop it, i will mainly focus on it, so i would be happy even if a better way to produce bitmap exist only for windows target.

Sorry for double post but i just tested method get ColorBoundsRect, and i seems to not understand how it’s works, i tried to use it like that

trace(pixels.getColorBoundsRect(0xFFFFFF, 0x000000, true));

but both traces give me the same rect, and what i have is MC which i described in this thread character on about 50-60% and rest transparent, so my question is how to us this function or any other to get rect with non transparent pixels (to be truthful i believe second trace return the same as the first because in constructor of BitmapData writes that to have transparent bitmap i need transparent set to true and fill color set to 0)

You should be able to use any SWF you want, but the plugin helps with automating inclusion of the “swf” library, and setting the library tags automatically without any project.xml work. It also gives UI for setting the different options (type, generate, preload, etc) which is nice.

If you have Flash Professional CC (soon to be Animate CC) you can “Export as Bitmap” which is helpful for something that seems particularly troublesome, to get the same look but simplified as an image in the exported SWF so it’s sure to look the same. Are you using Windows legacy, or not? The legacy renderer is not as accurate as the newer software renderer we use for bitmapData.draw.

Does getColorBoundsRect work with false as the third parameter?

Sorry for late answer bu i had an operation and first i was recovering, after that i bought BNW for civ 5 and didn’t found time to develop my game.

Today i checked difference between legacy renderer and new one and it seems that isn’t right what you said about it (although i use haxeflixel so i debug game with parameter -Dnext which should use newer version but i’m not sure since on openfl documentation it’s mentioned as hybrid mode) and whilst base (legacy) renderer shows almost non different movie clip (with small problems that i said before) but the newer one shows pretty much not right movie clip with color flood out of the border (border and mask for color layer are the identical objects) in some elements) so i suspect either haxeflixel force using some older version of openfl but i’m not sure how to check what version of openfl program use (since i updated haxe yesterday so i believe i should have newest one openfl)