Flash Professional extension for OpenFL


Is the Flash Professional extension for OpenFL out yet? Where can I find it’s source code?
I’m referring to the extension like the one for GAF export mentioned here.


It is currently hosted here:

I am working with Adobe to find why the plugin does not appear on OS X Flash CC. It does work in Windows. Once the plugin is working in both, we can customize it as we want to make it even more ideal.

Initially, I have been improving the SWF library on the OpenFL side, to accept any standard SWF. We have a .bundle system that, once implemented in the plugin, will make it easy to include in OpenFL projects (no project.xml modification) and a number of other optimizations that could flow through the editor.

I don’t know how I could miss that repository, I’ve gone trough that list 3 times :smile:
Can you explain a bit how that extension will improve the workflow compared to simply using the SWF library?

As we’ve been working on this, the workflow has improved. Using the SWF library, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Add <haxelib name="swf" /> to your project
  2. Add <library path="to/your.swf" /> to your project
  3. Use Assets.loadLibrary unless you add preload="true" to the <library /> tag (this is new)
  4. Use Assets.getMovieClip with the library ID and the symbol name you want, unless generate="true" is added to the <library /> tag (this is also new)

Using the added “.bundle” system, the plugin could export both a SWF and an include.xml file into a directory that ends with “.bundle”, such as “MyCoolSWF.bundle”

If you put this in an asset directory path, the tools will automatically pick up the include.xml. This means that steps 1-3 above could be handled automatically, allowing you to “drop in” a SWF to an existing OpenFL project, without modifying the project file further. Initially, I think this is a huge boon to productivity.

Options, such as class generation (so you can new MyCoolSymbolClass instead of Assets.getMovieClip) could be set in the Flash plugin export settings.

After things are working smoothly, I think that eventually, we could experiment with output that is not a SWF. For now, I think that focusing on SWF parsing and optimized to SWFLite at compile-time is the most effective, because it helps everyone, with or without a plugin, but in the future, the *.bundle could include flat image, sound or meta-data files, just the same as it would initially include a SWF. This would all be transparent to the developer, you just output a *.bundle from Flash CC, and it works in your project, you don’t really care how it worked, or what the intermediate format looked like :slight_smile:

Those are just some of the ideas :wink:

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Thanks for the thorough explanation! :smile: