TextField with filters


I have an issue with filters on textfields. The render is fine when exported in flash :

But the same popup in html5 just show this :

Here is the code related :

public function setBorder(opacity:Float = 0.5, thickness:Int = 4):Void
var shadow:DropShadowFilter = new DropShadowFilter(0, 90, 0x000000, opacity, thickness, thickness, 10);
this.textfield.filters = [shadow];

Do you have any idea ? I am up to date with openFL.


I did a test, each time I call the method, the font become whiter and whiter … If I apply it 5 times for example, it looks the same way as in Flash … So I have a work around, but not really optimized …

Which version of OpenFL/Lime are you using ? Could you try with dev versions from develop branch for both ?

I am using lime 7.1.1 and openFL 8.6.4.

Ok I will check dev version asap.



I have updated to 8.7.0 and seems fine now.


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I wrote about this problem in June and still waiting for a solution.

Last openFL version fixed my issue, did you test it ?
I had nearly the same issue, first popup opened had the correct behavior, and then, each time I opened it, the textfield was messed up.

There should be no longer a problem with updating text property in a TextField with a filter applied on it. Have you checked with the latest release or development builds of OpenFL?