[SOLVED] Tile/Tileset/Tilemap Animation?

I’ve been wanting to use the newly revamped Tile/Tileset/Tilemap API and so far after visibility for Tile was fixed in the latest GIT of OpenFL I’ve been loving it. But I need a way of animating the tiles in a visibility on/off fashion (one that includes a form of frame/millisecond delay between frames).

What is the preferred way developers intended users to efficiently animate Tiles on a Tilemap?

You could use Actuate to change the Tile.id (or x,y,matrix,rotation,scale…) when needed.

I personally use SpriterHaxeEngine which uses Spriter (a free version exists). It’s really good for bones animation but we could also use it for frame by frame animation.
I’ve made a Tilemap backend in the dev branch ready for testing. I’ll probably update it soon to use Tile.matrix directly since Tile.rotation and Tile.scale seem buggy.

Going off the sample BunnyMark, I can just switch between tiles visibility-wise. What I’m missing more so is just a way to delay. So I suppose I’m looking for the best/optimal way to have millisecond delay for OpenFL things. I’m going to give ENTER_FRAME with a counter and some triggers a shot.

Now that OpenFL has Tilemap, it would make sense to update this library for Tilemap:

If you’re interested in contributing, I’d be happy to work with you, or if not, it should at least provide some initial ideas :slight_smile:

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It seems like what I’d be implementing myself is what Spritesheet does under the hood. I will take a strong look at it—thank you!