Animations using tile class

I am starting to use tiles for rendering purposes but i don’t know how to use animations based on tilesets with them.

At the moment i am using spritesheet library for doing this animations, and as far as I have understood they are based on AnimatedSprite class which extends Sprite but, is there any way to avoid using this subclass for sprites and use only tiles??

Thanks in advance

I have seen that it’s possible to use Actuate to define the tile id so it seems to animate the tile.

But how does it work?

I mean, it seems that actuate can control sprites but how can I use it with tiles.

We need to update “spritesheet” with Tilemap instead of using Sprite, basically it could change the to the ID of the current animation, and adjust the x and y to make sure the position is correct

						if(currentTime-_display.get(entity).animationEndTime >= 0){
							if(_display.get(entity) < 5){
								_display.get(entity) = _display.get(entity);
								_display.get(entity) = 0;
							//Set next frames animation time
							_display.get(entity).animationEndTime = Lib.getTimer()+_display.get(entity).frameTime;
						_display.get(entity) = 6;