Shape extreme slowness on Android

Hi everyone,

I’m still updating a game to the lastest version of OpenFl (from Openfl 3.6.4…), now :
Openfl 8.9.5
Lime 7.6.3
Haxe 4

Now I struggle with android. I have extreme slowness with shape drawing. I’m drawing circles, that grow like shockwaves.

From 3 or 4 “shockwaves” the FPS drop from 60 to 20-30.
Here’s an extract how i’m doing that (_thickness and _radius increase over time) :;, 0xffffff, 1.0);, 0, _radius);

Am I missing something ?

No issues with html5, flash or neko, solid 60 fps.


This hits software rendering and relies on the CPU for performance

Hardware accelerated shape drawing has been partially re-implemented but a fuller accelerated implementation is on the shortlist for features

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Okay thanks Joshua, I’ll find an alternative in the meantime.