Drawing shapes and FPS dropped

I have a game scene, just has one background and 4 buttons that all created from shape.

var sh:Shape = new Shape();
sh.graphics.drawRect(0, 0, wid, hei);

When opening this scene, the FPS dropped, and everything runs very slowly.
set sh.cacheAsBitmap = true; does not help much.

Someone had same issues here : Shape extreme slowness on Android

Any suggestions! Thanks!

drawRect should be one of the fastest graphics operations, I think it may even be currently hardware accelerated. I’d make sure it’s the right size you want and you are perhaps not doing anything else problematic performance wise.

Use bitmaps if you can

Hi! As I know, working on Stage3D Graphics rendering is not easy at all, In my project I have to use graphics API, so now, just wait for the new updates!
If I had good skills at high-level programming, I would dig into it :slight_smile:

Just a test: I know that it looks nonsense, but try to set cacheAsBitmap to buttons too.