OpenFL Extensions

I think native extensions are important part of OpenFL, but for some reason it’s hard to find,write and use them . At example I try to use , but this extension is outdated.
If you try to search in haxelib for ‘openfl’ you will find results such as :
which are not used anymore. It’s also hard to find extensions which can be used with the last version of OpenFL. How to know which openfl extension is maintained ?
Try to search at example “openfl particles”.No results. If you try only particles will find zame-haxe-particles for OpenFL.Well, it will be nice to have one good official particle system on OpenFL

Also updated documentation how to create extension according the lastest version of OpenFL ( because it’s possible to have chnages) will be good . Is it possible to use swift to create extension for iOS ? I couldnt find answer. I found this examples for openfl extension ( why not have article in for thart ?) :
Updated documentation for extensions?

Simular page as Showcase page ( ), but for extension ( with some examples , sucha as openfl-samples) , will be good will be nice addition ( not only