OpenFL and Java JDK8


I’m using HaxeFlixel and I’m setting up Lime for Android development. Is OpenFL now compatible with Java JDK8 or do I still need to stick with JDK6? And do I need to install the bundled JRE? I’m also using an x86 Android, is this workflow going to give me problems or do I need to just enter the following in the project.xml file?

<architecture name="x86" if="android" />


The Android SDK used to break during code signing (and other inexplicable points during compiling) using anything newer than JDK 6

I’m pretty sure it works with JDK 7 now, no idea about 8. Our tools don’t use Java, it’s really up to what works with Google’s stuff :slight_smile:

been working on 8, seems to work fine. no issues with signing.