Open Source Game Code

Hi All,
I have decided to open source a Haxe/Starling HTML5 game THWORD that I ported from AS3. The game is built on Openfl, Starling, has HTML graphic asset/sound loaders and particle effects wrapped in Robotlegs. Feel free to use as a base for porting any apps or to create new ones. Contributions to improve this code are welcome.
Play Game:
Download Source:
Any issues getting it going please let me know. Will try and rectify readme so it works seamless.
Have Fun!


getting stage 3d context error on google chrome mac el-capitan.

It could be that webgl is not available but it should be on Chrome. You may need to enable webgl as it could disabled for some reason. Check this post IE10 (or less) and Context3D not available

Starling is initialised in the com.glasirgames.thword.config.ViewConfig.hx
The fail point would be happening there so you want to investigate where it is occurring. Do a search on the problem, you may find an answer. Let me know how you go.

A very nicely done game. Seems to work well. If you are open to the idea, i would like to hire you to port the game to Beads, which is a new language designed to emit JS or haxe. It isn’t a 3D engine, at the moment strictly 2D, but it should be able to do the game in 1/2 the code.

see more info at