IE10 (or less) and Context3D not available


I’m exporting my game for html5 (using webgl),
when i try it on IE10 (tested with IE11 and switching to 10 via the emulator),
i have the following error :
Starling.hx:645: [Starling],Stage3D error: Context3D not available

i tried the starling benchmark and it’s also not working (although i don’t see any error message in the console here)

The version i use
lime : 5.8.2
openfl : 6.5.0
starling : 1.8.11

any idea about that ?

Does it support WebGL? Our Stage3D implementation requires WebGL to work, other OpenFL features will fall back to 2D canvas when WebGL is not available

no, IE 11 supports webGL but IE 10 doesn’t.
So that means that there is no way to make starling works for IE 10, is it correct ?

Yep, Starling for HTML5 currently requires WebGL, which means no IE 10 support then

Ok thanks for the input,
hope my client will realize that it’s almost immoral to use ie10- at this day :wink:

For my client using IE10 or less on such projects, I compile a flash version and thanks to browser sniffing I can load the swf instead of the html5.

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I also work with a company who is using Flash on IE, and HTML5 on Edge and other modern browsers. Even when IE does support certain features, the performance (or the behavior of audio in Howler) is different. There’s a high likelihood IE may have Flash installed