New OpenFL community chat available! 😄

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

We’ve had Slack chat for quite a while now, but due to how Slack works, this has been invite-only.

The goal is not a secret society!

As a result, we are trying Fleep for public (no invite required) access to three of the chat rooms from Slack. It supports two-way communication, so Fleep and Slack users can communicate, and you can join in on the web instantly. Cool, huh?

Here are the chat rooms links:

You can request an invite to Slack still, but I hope this opens the door to more communication :wink:


how can I get an invitation for slack?

We need a name/email and we can send you one.

Can that be sent as a private message, to keep e-mails private?

note that in slack your email address is visible on your profile

Invites available here: :success:

I brought this up in slack, but it was presumably unnoticed and I figured this was a better place to ask anyway.

Is the herokuapp link still supposed to be the intended way to get into the slack channel? It gives me and others an error when we enter our email address: Failed! token_revoked.

got error too

This is a regression, I’ll try and take a look

Should be resolved now, thanks for bringing this to my attention :slight_smile:

@singmajesty What do you think about discord? some other public gamedev communities are in discord, even haxeflixel is there.


What do you think the benefits would be? I’m open to it :slight_smile:

Actually both are the same, but discord is more gaming niche oriented, also more people already has an account on discord so the register could be easier.

Yup, I vouch for discord as I use it for other platforms as well


Discord doesnt require you to sign up an account. I personally dont sign up for many accounts as I dont like to be tracked.


Also won’t have to deal with the current issue of slack filling up.

Personally I’ve never really gotten into Discord chat. And OpenFL being more dev focused, gitter seems to be a good alternative in terms of openness and dev focus

See for an example of a high-quality haxe community chat.

Since everybody who works on OpenFL would have a github account, it’s the lowest barrier to entry. I was actually surprised to see that OpenFL also has a few rooms, but they didn’t seem to have been announced publicly anywhere

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Could it be submitted to a vote of the community?

Honest question, do these forum-inspired dev chats ever work out in the end? With a forum, FAQ’s can be responded with a link to the original solved thread and they can be googled by future would-be askers. This is not the case with a chat.

Furthermore, 9 times out of 10 when I’m writing a question here or on any other dev forum, I end up discovering the answer before I finish writing because I feel obligated to list what I searched and what I tried. Where i expect a large portion of the help chat to be: “how do I do [thing]” - send. “I tried this [link], but it didn’t work” -send. “oh there’s a page 2, nvm”

For general small talk, quick references and a workplace community vibe, chats are nice, but taking away help from the forum can have negative affects, especially on smaller communities


In the case of the haxeflixel discord if you have more experienced devs able to answer questions in real time it leads to much greater time sensitive support of problems both 1 on 1 and group. Also from the haxeflixel discord I have more of a sense of community that makes it easy to discuss and find solutions with specialists. I love the openfl fourms and I am all for keeping it as active as possible but I think the real time chat effort would be a great way to build a more fluid community. Also with regards to problems being solved lost. Many a times when somthing similar was asked for discord we were able to find it. Maybe for a real time chat if we were able to tag comments from people and add them to the community fourms it’d be the best of both worlds just a thought though.

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