New OpenFL community chat available! 😄


Seems like there’s a way to create bridges between discord, slack, gitter, etc -


I am always dubious about spreading discussions on more than one tool/service, they create a serious fragmentation of resources… now I am wondering if I can find more uptodate discussions here or somewhere else, I can’t check all tools/services everytime, it would be very time-consuming :disappointed_relieved:

I don’t know the other services, what are the advantages for each one?


The slack chat is pretty active, and you can find the public archives at edit looks like they stopped logging 1-2 months ago

Which is another good resource to search for keywords when you encounter an issue

I think I haven’t seen a question un-answered so far on slack and/or this forum in one way or the other


Did we ever decide on a chat for this?

  • Let’s keep using Slack
  • Let’s start using Discord
  • I suggest a third option

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I really like our current forums, but I totally agree that chat is also valuable in addition to forums. Go ahead and use the above poll :wink:


In the future the ultimate community chat for openfl would be an open source community chat created in openfl, but text feature wise thats a little off from now.


Let’s give it a try: