Need developer to Integrate GAF into OpenFL

We have a game ( that utilizes complex swfs. We are currently porting the Flash game to OpenFL. We’re looking to use GAF ( version 5 files instead of swfs. The few available haxelibs are very old and don’t work for us. We’d like someone to create a GAF parser and integrate it into our game to render the GAF bitmap data. This is a paid opportunity.

Rick Hocker


Did you try my OpenFL port of Starling GAF Player?

@andrew911 There’s a new effort to unify animation formats behind an in-progress MovieClip timeline system… it would be really neat if GAF could be supported this way!

Then GAFMovieClip could be a normal MovieClip and work even without Starling

EDIT: Also, could you add a license to your repo? Is it MIT?

@singmajesty Not sure if I’ll have time to update and test to new timeline system, I port as I need it for some projects and it works fine in them.
I could add any license that give as much permissions as possible, should it take into account (or depends from) original Starling GAF player license?

Oh I see it’s a port of this project which has no license posted?

Yes, port of flash Starling GAF player