Missing liblime x86_64.so on lime 7.6.3

I’m currently trying to build an android x86_64 project, but I’m missing the liblime-x86_64.so file.

I tried to recompile the NDLLs (cloned lime from git and ran lime rebuild android to build them), but it isn’t generating it (it generates the ARMs (v6;v7;v64) and x86, but not the one I need).

May I ask which parameter am I supposed to pass to the lime commando to build it?


Perhaps lime rebuild android -64 would work?

It didn’t work. Still missing the x86_64 file :frowning:

I found the solution:

The hxcpp flag for this target is wrong:
It’s written HXCPP_M64, but it’s supposed to be HXCPP_X86_64

So I changed my AndroidPlatform.hx to reflect this change on lines 109;110 and 275 and it built the .SO, but it’s 32bit not 64 :frowning:

Perhaps HXCPP did not have X64 support on Android when I last wrote it?

Or perhaps it requires a newer Android NDK version?

I’m using NDK-r15c and it supports x86_64 using the android-21 platform. Funnily enough I opened the arch_x86_64 folder on ROOT_NDK/platforms/android-21/usr/arch-x86_64/usr/ and it has both lib and lib64/ folders (while all the other archs have only the lib folder)… could that be the source of my newfound error? (I’m justing guessing though)

And that line on HXCPP is 2 months old, I guess it was supported beforehand if your project was compiled with the -DHXCPP_NDK20 flag

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I just updated Lime to use the updated flags:

If it compiles the wrong arch I wonder if the HXCPP toolchain needs a little more work?

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Thanks for the update! I’ll check the HXCPP toolchains, b/c it probably needs a fix as well

I’ve managed to make the HXCPP work ( the x86-64 build wasn’t supported for older NDK versions, but I made some changes to the gcc toolchain to enable it). I also had to change Lime’s build.xml and AndroidPlatform.hx to add the Platform-21 flag.

I’ll make the PRs Soon™ (I’ll clean up my code and retest everything)

I made both PRs (for hxcpp and Lime), and will reply on this thread when both are approved :slight_smile:

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