Ludum Dare. are you ready?

Ludum dare is going to start in few days. Are you going to participate?

I know you know what is ludum dare, but if you don’t, read here


I will enter the jam :smile:

There’s some good themes in the vote rounds,
I really hope I’ll be inspired though, hard to make a game without an idea.

this is going to be my first time. I just hope I can really finish something decent in just two days. :wink: I like some of the themes and others just thrill me but scare me. Like genetics: could be awesome but at the same time tough!

Kept telling myself “will enter LD this time” for the last 2 years, but real life events have prevented me from doing so. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Will try to enter the jam this year also, hope I can at least start something! :sweat_smile:

Being able to start (and finish) something will be enough motivation to try a little bit harder and not skip LD anymore. :sweat_drops:

I’m in. I’ll be posting my project publicly so that I’ll be motivated to finish.

yeee… I am ready too :wink:

Will open a repo later on, and will (probably) start my blog with it… :sweat_smile:

Oh boy…the shivers :confounded:

if somebody is on it and want to have a chat, share stuff or whatever I am on skype “imentefox”

Well the theme doesn’t inspire me :frowning:
I’ll still do a game if I find an idea, but there’s less and less time.

@yupswing @yuigoto @player_03 how’s the theme treating you? found a great idea? made progress on your games?

making progress… (this is going to be the third game in my life…)

I set up a world and I have collisions and movements done.
The player also can move around.

I am trying to use tilecraft so the world is 2.5D.

this is where I am right now.

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'lo :P…I had an idea with fruits…

I’m making progress…I think…I’m making sort of an arena shooter…but can’t find a clever way to center the camera on player while using the mouse to control it :sweat_smile:

Working on mechanics and camera before graphics for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Also…how to work with sprite layering? This is gonna take some time :3 Like when the player/objects come from top and his feet gets hidden behind another object…

My idea is something like a zombie-fruit-arena-shooter :sweat_smile:

Gotta reduce the size of the gif above…consumed 8gb already on imgur (published on the LD website :sweat_smile: also…1k+ views)…I’m scared :confounded:

Here’s one of the characters…:P…

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It’s becoming hard. I think I will not have enough time.

Ow… :pensive: For the compo or the jam? I’m aiming mostly for the jam…gameplay is taking too long… :confused:

Just made some basic controls and camera…

Still…pretty ugly… :confounded:

I was aiming to the compo but I am too far away from an end.
It is very hard in just 2 days.
Especially with low experience :wink:

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Yeah…when I got the idea it looked easy enough to build…but controls aren’t that easy…camera also :stuck_out_tongue:

my idea is too big…
basically it is a mirror. robots shoot at you and you reflect the lasers against them.
it is becoming so hard, too much trig and I have never made a game with a map and entities around.

Still have time, I’ll try to do as much as I can.

Yeah…mine is an arena shooter where you control a strawberry :sweat_smile:

It attacks using seeds while spinning…so attacks go in random directions :stuck_out_tongue:

But since seeds are part of your body…you lose health if you shoot too much and juice starts leaking…so you have to wait for ammo to refill… I looked at some really bad comics I made some years ago about fruits and decided I’d use fruits :wink:

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So far, I’ve got an idea, and a character walking around.

Plus a framework that I can build on.

Took too much time working camera, basic gameplay and stuff…ended up a little bit crappy…but nah…good enough for first time :blush:…aiming for the jam :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m specially fond of the health and ammo bars :grin:

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