Ludum Dare. are you ready?


So who submitted his game for the compo ?

We’re making a beat’em up with a Friend for the jam.

works like a charm on html5 , pretty happy with that :stuck_out_tongue:

Don't flash too long!

source : very dirty code !


Hahahaha a beat’em up using clothes? :P…Nice!

I submitted my game to LD. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Anyone else submitted?

But in the end, I got lost, re-did a LOT from scratch when I didn’t have to and wasted some time. :confounded: Will try to write a post-mortem and publish, together with the (really badly recorded) timelapse video (didn’t know how to use the software and did some experimentation :stuck_out_tongue: ).

BTW, mine is called “Berry | The Last Straw” (and I’m SORRY for that :sweat_smile:), and it’s about a strawberry in the middle of a zombie grape apocalypse, where his weapon is his own seeds, which he can only shoot (at random) when he spins.


  • Avoid grapes, shoot seeds;
  • Avoid shooting a lot of seeds, they’re part of your body and you start bleeding when you shoot;
  • Wait for ammo to recover and, after ammo is full, your health recovers;

The end product is a LOT more rushed than I wished. Will try to do a post-mortem later, together with the timelapse videos. :stuck_out_tongue: Already had some post-jam ideas and will work on’em…after I get my “real” work done here (clients are fuming :confounded: )

Source code is here (messy, rushed and ugly, though :sweat:) :

Honestly, mine could have done with more rushing. I just barely finished combat by the deadline, and didn’t have time for any sort of progression. I didn’t even get to add much of the humor I had planned.

On the plus side, having clean code will help in the long run.

It’s a shame you couldn’t finish your idea… :pensive:…As I said in the LD page, I would have loved to see what more you had in mind for this game. It feels like a reverse-shooting arena…erm…shooter? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This magnet + money as the weapon feels really nice.

The “whole balance how you use money, or you won’t have any left to use as weapon” is also really good and a lot of ideas on how this could be played pop into mind.

And your code is really really neat (mine is such a mess…it feels horrible to read it :confounded:).

If you improve and work more on this idea, I’d love to play it, I’m sure! :wink: