HTML5 Mobile browser MouseEvents not triggering

When running html5 in a mobile browser, when I touch the screen, MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN event isn’t triggered even though I added a listener. It works for all other targets and for html5 on desktop. Any ideas what the issue is here?

On the target it works you are touching the screen or clicking a mouse?

Clicking a mouse. I thought they would trigger similar results though.

A mouse create MouseEvent while a touch screen gives TouchEvent.

What version are you using?

It’s supposed to dispatch mouse events for touch, so that mouse events always work (even for touch)

That is what I thought, mouse events trigger on android and iOS, but not on mobile with html5. I am running Stencyl which currently has:

Lime - 2.6.1, Openfl - 3.3.2

Thanks, this is fixed now :smile: