How to make Android App Bundle ( aab ) file from apk?

Google play console recently has started disabling the rollout button because of various warnings. And one of those warnings is using apk instead of .aab file. There are solutions to make .aab file if the project has been created in Android Studio or Unity. But what if apk has been created by Animate CC or Haxe/Flash Develop ? Is their any way to convert?

This sounds like a nice feature but sounds like it will require tooling changes

So you are not allowed to publish new applications without this feature?

I had no problems uploading .apk, at least a couple months ago.
I guess, is it still a recommendation from Google, but using .aab certainly helps when supporting x64.
Starting August 1st you need to pack armv7 and armv64 libs in one .apk, which makes it much bigger in size.

I get 3 warnings ( screenshot attached). Either one or all 3 of them disable the roll out button on google play console.

These are the 3 warnings I get:
Capture1 Capture2 Capture3

I have looked into app-bundle command line tool.

But the whole technical jargon is not understandable for me. If it requires the code to be written in java. Or it can be used for any code. Or it only requires the apk. Can it be used to produce app bundle for coders who don’t use Java?

For the first two warnings:

  1. 64-bit requirement
  2. targeting api level 28

It seems we need to wait for air sdk version 33:

For the 3rd one (.aab file )

Solutions seems to be available for Android Studio, Cocos Creator, Unity

But I don’t see anything in Animate CC or similar IDE.

I will check if FDT can help though.

  1. <architecture name="arm64" if="android" />, but makes .apk bigger, that’s why we need .aab
  2. Something like <config:android minimum-sdk-version="19" target-sdk-version="28" /> should help
  3. Yes, Google is forcing everyone to .aab

Quick FYI:

I added ARM64 as a default architecture to Android and set the default target SDK to 28 per the Google Play requirements in the GIT version of Lime