[HELP] systools.Dialogs problems (OpenFL related)

I am trying to use systools Dialogs.

The situation:

everything is good


  • save+openfolder good
  • PROBLEM NUMBER 1 OpenFileDialog gives problem ONLY with OpenFL --> OpenFL github issue tracker
    The author of systools suggested the OpenFL developer to check the problem because probably it’s something easy fixable.

PROBLEM NUMBER 2 systools github issue tracker
All dialogs give SegmentationFault
I’ve tried to recompile them but I get errors

> lime rebuild systools linux *(the git version)*
g++ -I./src "$(pkg-config --libs --cflags gtk+-2.0)" "$(pkg-config --libs --cflags gconf-2.0)" -c -fvisibility=hidden -O2 -fpic -fPIC -DHX_LINUX -DHXCPP_VISIT_ALLOCS -DHXCPP_API_LEVEL=0 -m32 -I/usr/lib/haxe/lib/hxcpp/3,2,37/include -x c++ -frtti -Wno-invalid-offsetof ./src/api.cpp -oobj/linux/6bf1c3fc_api.o
g++: error: $(pkg-config --libs --cflags gtk+-2.0): No such file or directory
g++: error: $(pkg-config --libs --cflags gconf-2.0): No such file or directory
Error: error running g++ -I./src "$(pkg-config --libs --cflags gtk+-2.0)" "$(pkg-config --libs --cflags gconf-2.0)" -c -fvisibility=hidden -O2 -fpic -fPIC -DHX_LINUX -DHXCPP_VISIT_ALLOCS -DHXCPP_API_LEVEL=0 -m32 -I/usr/lib/haxe/lib/hxcpp/3,2,37/include -x c++ -frtti -Wno-invalid-offsetof ./src/api.cpp -oobj/linux/6bf1c3fc_api.o

which it looks like a problem in the build.xml

If anybody could help, on one or both problems, that will be VERY welcome.

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For a simple message box, SDL2 already provides support, but for an open/save file dialog box, perhaps it would make sense for us to include this project in Lime:

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I think this could be very useful actually.
Obviously I understand it is not a priority at all (since most of the stuff in OpenFL are games which don’t need this kind of dialogs).

Right now I just really would like to have systools working because of TileCraft [Showcase] TileCraft - 2.5D Modeling tool