Haxe and FlashDevelop how to still work?

Decided to return a bit to some Haxe programmming, as I have some programms to update and reuse. I use. I have used FlashDevelop as a tool to build neko and some other projects. When I reinstall FlashDevelop it tells me that I need to install Adobe Flash. But that thing is decommissioned. Also wants a 32 bit Java runtime thats what the program says.

I have installed HaxeTookit I noticed some apps I have made will no longer run (Win 11) but im sure it has to do with not all things installed that are required.

So is FlashDevelop completely worthless as a tool?
I have haxe neko projects, what can I port them to in windows to open as windows app? It is haxe/open fl project that is built for Windows but now with end of Flash they cant run anymore. What is the solution? Im trying to make them again as windows build with neko project.But FlashDevelop may also not work now without Flash and whatever other it wants.

So how to reuse the projects?

I’m in Windows 10 and FlashDevelop works well while debugging with Neko VM. Try using your 64bit version of FD(Program Files/FlashDevelop/FlashDevelopx64.exe…) and creating final binary files with command lines.

I guess my question was how to set things up I thought Adobe killing Flash has something to do with it. I also had: AppMan - Item list could not be downloaded
OK firstly I saw here: [5.3.*] AppMan: Item list could not be downloaded · Issue #3023 · fdorg/flashdevelop · GitHub

I should forget about 5.3.3 there is a dev version 5.3.4 from PHPDL - PHP Directory Lister

Appman list is back. And some installations needed:

I was able to reopen some projects for haxe. Now action script 3 project appears blank next to Release and I cannot compile to anything but I will ask on other place about it

I personally use HaxeDevelop (that should be a simple reskin of FlashDevelop, but with a more logic name :wink: ): the only problem with it is that it looks like it is not updated anymore (aaaah nooo!) and that it has a problem with Windows update, specifically with the .Net update (I simply uninstall it and HD works normally). People are migrating to Visual Studio Code or other IDEs, but I like HaxeDevelop and I think that a simple recompile with updated libraries would fix the .Net problem.

Does someone know how to recompile HaxeDevelop?

To recompile? The link I posted above has latest version (2020) of both FlashDevelop and haxedevelop

Whichever of the programs FlashDevelop or HaxeDevelop it cant even find me anything when I “import openfl” before main function and doesnt recognize anything, something is not set. As I describe in the other thread