Does building websites with openfl make sense?

after seeing all the impressive possibilities with openFL, I was wondering if building websites with it would make sense.
I was wondering especially about SEO and performance.
On the plus side I would like to be able to work around the restrictions of the html/css/js trio.

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot

Yes you can build websites too, like in the old days when we built interactive sites in Flash, and you can now use npm OpenFl to avail all the JS world things along with Haxe but i had some problems setting that work flow and never actually able to integrate Haxe libs so it is in my todo list, you might wanna check Coconut UI if you know React and MobX i am waiting for the Feathers UI integration in it with OpenFL; also check this gist from mark.knol [ Haxe team member ] to get started with Coconut UI.

Thank you. Well, yes, I was hoping to do things like in the “olden days” :slight_smile:
However I am afraid that text-renderin might be an issue with canvas since vector performance does not seem to be too good.

this is the reason i am considering Coconut specifically for websites. currently i am making dashboards in purely OpenFl and the text behavior sometime isn’t upto the mark, but still prefer OpenFL for it because of quick design iterations and smooth workflow also i guess Feather UI will definitely cover allot of these issues for common components .

ahhhh, the olden days :slightly_smiling_face:
i never really liked the whole css / html mess.
I am also waiting for the feathersui, but I also think i could do most of what i need with starling.
Most worried about text rendering and seo related text issues. ( the main issue back in the days with flash-sites )

If you aim to make a website, maybe you might want to explore the -Ddom flag.

Instead of exporting webgl or canvas it exports something domtree based.

i just checked; it is exporting canvas based tree for each Movie clip also the text again is not working as expected :slight_smile:

bitmapfonts? :grimacing:
(You will need your own implementation tho)

For now i am sticking with Webgl :D, if may be client gave me some :money_mouth_face:.

We used to use DIV text for -Ddom but I’m not sure if it still does

-Ddom does support openfl.display.DOMElement though which allows you to add any DOM element to the OpenFL display list :grin:

It doesn’t get as much love as the OpenGL and canvas/cairo renderers, though, so it might have some issues