Accessibility in openfl

I was looking at feathers UI demo when it hit me: the DOM has support for accessibility features such as talk back and tabbing through menus, general content and descriptions for images.

When developing in each platform’s native engines, support for a11y is also there.

What is the state of a11y in openfl for the multiple targets it supports? how does the community handle this matter? I know that for games, this is not generally a concern, but for other types of apps it definitely should be.

I started thinking about possible implementations to tackle this problem and am willing to start learning how to integrate openfl display list with the a11y features of each platform, in the case openfl/lime is lacking it (I really don’t know, couldn’t find relevant sources, but I admit I didn’t spend too much time searching).

Hope this is an interesting discussion for the community!

No one interested in this topic? :frowning:

i don’t understand you fully, but i guess your answer maybe in this post : Does building websites with openfl make sense?

What kind of features do you expect? Screen reader capability? Tabbing? ( I think tabbing is already implemented in openfl, at least it was in flash).

I don’t think canvas is the best choice for web accessibility:

But there are many things you can do for accessibilty:

Thanks for the responses!

Screen reader + tabbing capability is def enough. I’m trying to think of the scenario of for example a blind user.

yep, webgl is not suited for this kind of stuff, but when it comes to openfl, having a layer of accessibility makes sense, since openfl has the potential to build general-use apps, not only games.

Because see, when we use the default SDKs, we get those features (for example, using swift to make iOS apps). such features are important for multi-purpose multiplatform frameworks.

I’m not complaining, I just wanted to understand the current state of a11y in openfl for the various platforms it can export to so I can decide what I want to do about it.

TLDR: I want to use Openfl (specially with feathers arriving) as an alternative to, let’s say, flutter or react native. a11y is a big deal, and I want to invest in the openfl platform so I can even ultimately try to develop libraries to add at least screen reader and tabbing to openfl created content.

We have a DOM target in OpenFL which I would love to see get more attention because I think that the DOM is the best approach for many applications

Would we get the features you’re thinking of for-free if we’re using DOM rendered content?

So a Bitmap is either an Image or Canvas and a TextField is a DIV (etc)

Sorry it took so long to answer: yes. having DOM rendering gives all I want for free.

Now I’m wondering about performance. Time to perform some tests!

What about iOS and Android? probably no way to get screen reader and navigation out of the box, right?

I’m pretty sure that activating a screen reader (such as the three finger swipe on iOS after activating it in accessibility) would read DOM-based text content on a page

What does DOM rendering give as far as Accessibility is concerned and how do you implement them?