Debug from Neko

I’ve noticed that when Neko runs into an error it just throws it’s arms up dies without any helpful message. Windows builds show a stack trace and a message dialogue. Is there any way to get this same information from Neko so I don’t have to wait for the windows version to compile? As you’ve guessed this is just me being lazy…

Do -debug versions help? I find it also depends on the type of error. An error inside C++ will die without a stack trace, but a Haxe logical error will often give a trace in Neko, even if it is a null reference (which can crash a C++ application without a stack trace)

That’s interesting. If I run via the command line with a -debug flag I get stack traces but these aren’t shown in the FlashDevelop output when running in debug mode. Are these actually two different things?

I think FlashDevelop is not catching the traditional standard out, perhaps, on a Neko application. Something about how it all is piping around (we do some fancy stuff on our C++ builds to try and make sure the stdout connects if there is a listening prompt)

I’ve always tested in Neko, just by simply executing my “Main.exe” from the command line, so if it crashes, I see the call stack in the command line. The Windows target doesn’t seem to keep the streams open for me when testing, perhaps only when using -debug, but regardless of if you use that define or not, Neko will give you the stack trace either way.