ColorTransform as a part of Transform

Do I understand correctly that ColorTransform as a part of Transform is not implemented on native platforms i.e. it’s almost completely ignored except its alphaMultiplier member?

Yes, it is currently ignored – colorTransform is VERY COSTLY for Cairo or canvas. We’re probably planning on adding cacheAsBitmap behavior (using an intermediate BitmapData), then on these renderers, triggering cacheAsBitmap=true automatically if you set a color transform. It’s not ideal, but probably the most reasonable approach to this?

@singmajesty Unfortunately it makes some trivial effects much less trivial to implement… Ok, thanks for the confirmation! I should have asked here first before spending hours digging through the source :slight_smile:

For GL targets (which is default everywhere) ColorMatrixFilter is supported (on individual objects – not object containers). This might help as a workaround for now.

Another workaround is to use bitmapData.transform after a bitmapData.draw