[android] terrible performances, again

Can we, once for all, understand why performances are so unstable on android?
I have my new game - it is a minesweeper clone built in haxeflixel, so nothing complex/heavy - running nicely at almost always 60fps on my old huawei p9 lite. It is stuck at 30fps on newer huawei p20 lite.
I also tried on my old 7" tablet ASUS MeMO Pad ME173X (the same used here Old performance does not return?) and it runs at 8fps with the starting board (no updating, no new drawing).
On this latter device, bunnymark is running at 40fps with hiccups bringing fps down to 20 only with the app running (I am not adding any bunny).
Also, on this device, I found an old app I was developing for fun (an arkanoid clone, so with actual moving sprites) with and old version of haxeflixel, based on openfl 3.6.1 and lime 2.9.1 and it is running smoothly.
I know that the rendering pipeline has changed in the meantime, but why it seems to have worsened performances so dramatically??
Is there a way to choose the old rendering method?

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ASUS MeMO Pad ME173C uses a 16-bit screen. I tested a lot of games on SDL2, and they all work poorly. If you draw a small picture (for example 100x100), the FPS will be normal, but if you draw on the whole screen the FPS will drop critically. Pixel operations become very slow on such screens. For other cases, you should not use openfl.display.Graphics methods in real time. Especially bad was the changing TextField, which was constantly rendered even hidden (I don’t know how it is now). Even the FPS counter had to be converted to bitmaps. But now the text can be rotated at any angle, and not just a multiple of 90 degrees as before.

I think you can use <window color-depth="16" /> we used to default to 16 but currently use 32

Along with this setting. Can we use compressed pngs to improve performance like Starling FW (Adobe Air)?

still 8 fps on my game with <window color-depth="16" />
nothing changed…

We also removed an optimization to reduce the frequency of touch data events which affected some older devices

Can you specify the commit? is it openfl or lime?

In android vitlas, in the report “Slow rendering” such data:

This is a real disaster.

On my devices, I get smooth work, except for a few. Are there really so many of them in the play market. Or am I doing something wrong?