1 000 000 moving tiles

performance test with GPU animated tiles…


hey! what have you done there? :smile: I can say I got a mid range GPU ATI Radeon that could run games from 2010 with full graphics but when I opened the link, firefox just darn dies.

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to use lesser gpu-ram on initialization may lower value here:
( that value can be increased to - my gpu renders 2 million tiles with only 30 fps ; )=

Ok, i dont know what happened but it seams firefox can now open your link, but nothing in there, all black.

On chrome, I get mixed results.
If I go up to 1000000, I have 30fps, wich is impressive.
But that is when nothing is spawing.

If I spawn, or dispawn, even slowly ( 50 units at a time ) while there are few sprites on the scene, my framerate drops under 10fps.

I’m not sure I understand why, from what I see you don’t reupload the pictures or the shaders or anything.

Maybe is it that line that slows down the process:
I never use Vector, but basically it’s an array, no?
Wouldn’t a Map be more efficient?

Or maybe somewhere do you grow an array for each new element? ( the buffer for the vertices, or something? )

mhm, the only Array i use is to find pointer of free space inside vertex-buffer (to avoid rebuilding buffer if new tiles added/removed), thats here: https://github.com/maitag/peote-view/blob/master/Source/de/peote/tools/Holes.hx#L40
but i guess the problem is somewhere in Timer (frequency of spawning) or maybe i did mistake in text-output (that clears its buffer all the time), i wanna check this :sunny:

tried on chrome, it is now working. 55 fps at 500,000. impressive!

:smiley: i updated sample for better performance-testing (spawn-timer-speed is changeable now with left/right cursor-keys, “a” for turning alpha on/off …and best thing … press “2” for :rabbit: ; )

Hi, I could not access your page, any new links please?

bunny samples (^_^) <- link here : https://github.com/maitag/peote-view
( some older tests -> http://maitag.de/semmi/haxelime/peoteView/ )