XML-Format documentation is out of date

Where I can find latest xml-project format description?
http://www.openfl.org/learn/docs/command-line-tools/project-files/xml-format/ is out of date. For example, no info about <define/>, -Dsimulate-preloader, config:ios provisioning-profile, etc. And some old features are not fully documented allow-shaders="true" or require-shaders="true".


We need to invest more in documentation, in general :slight_smile:

I’ve done a quick update that helps describe the new <define /> tag, and a few other improvements.

We need to decide a place to describe standard Lime define values, such as the new -Dsimulate-preloader, however, this is not a matter of the XML format schema, so I think it would live elsewhere.

Similarly, addiitonal <config:ios /> values recognized by the tools is not a part of the XML schema, and should have another place to be documented (I’m just not sure where at the moment)

The old allow-shaders and require-shaders values I think are ignored

Thanks! Haxe hold all defines in haxe --help-defines. lime --help-defines is empty :wink:

I have a couple comments:

  • I also would like to see some more detailed information on how to configure the Assets behaviour, e.g. using embed=‘false’ or the Library tag.
  • Could we move that page to have more prominence? It seems like the project.xml is a very important part of OpenFL yet it is buried 3 levels down into the documentation.