Wrong height of text caret in HaxeUI TextField

  1. Text styled in code with customStyle. Now i press ENTER and get the view of
  2. with a wrong height/position of the text curor. Now I press a key and get
  3. again a correct view

is this a bug or do I have to set the style somewhere else?

HaxeUI with openfl backend

Unfortunately i believe this is an issue with openfl textfields - at least ive always assumed it to be - haxeui doesnt really have much control over the internals of the textfield and pretty uses it “as is”… its probably worth opening an issue on the openfl GH (with a minimal example that isnt using haxeui) as ive certainly seen this issue before (and for quite a few releases leading me to assume thats its not a simple fix)


Is fixed with latest OpenFL GIT version.

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