Working example of Video class playing a mp4 video?

I tried the PlayingVideo example, building to HTML5 on macOS and it does not work. In Firefox, there is audio but no video. In Safari, no audio or video. I’ve seen several different threads on this and most seem to pertain to not working on iOS, Android, etc. but not desktop.

Is there an example project that I can build to HTML5 on macOS that will work on all major browsers on all major OS’s?

I updated the sample yesterday, as some browsers added logic that will not allow video to play without user interaction. Also, on dev we have a known issue where HTML5 video will not play on the WebGL renderer, I plan to have that resolved before our next release.

You might try -Dcanvas, and see if that works better for the current release? It might also be needed to put the .play call behind a mouse click or other user input

What was updated? I created the sample with openfl create playingvideo and got the same code and the same results.

Nothing major: