[Work in Progress] Colour Matching - Beta Preview 2 released!

Hello, people.

Beta Preview 2

The above link is for a game called Colour Matching, which is designed to test your supposed micro-skills in RTS. It was primarily designed as a concept featuring the ability to match colours, making the right decision, keeping to the time and maintaining a high score. I believe it’s become a bit more than just that.

Now, there is no pause, per se. But it does pause automatically when the Flash Player becomes deactivated (i.e. ALT+Tab out of the browser or by switching tabs).

If you prefer hotkeys, A, S and D will match Red, Green and Blue respectively, while Q, W and E activate their respective ability bars when they fill. If more than one ability bar is filled, all ability bars are activated, additional score and progress will be applied.

Every 5 levels, you will gain the opportunity to choose a perk. Of the perks include increase progress by a percentage of 25% up to a maximum of four ranks, increasing high score output by 10% and ability power by 10%. These values may change as I get feedback, hopefully :wink:

My next task is to implement an actual pause menu, integrating with the Newgrounds API and completing the menus for the game. Then, it will be available on Newgrounds for you to play for free.

Let me know what you think of it so far, thanks! Feedback is appreciated!

Beta Preview 2 Patch Notes

  • Bugfixes.
  • Code restructure to eventually enable mod and customisable theme support.
  • Removed the trace “API is connected and ready to use”.
  • Timer now starts at 75, instead of 60.
  • Progress increments are now 8, up from 5.
  • Added end-of-game overlay with the ability to restart.


I am rethinking the flagship game mode for the eventual release of this game as - with a fairly lengthy discussion with a former “colleague” and game developer, including watching many videos on game design - the current game mode does not present enough depth with the primary mechanics.

What this means is no timer, no “progress” bar, and potentially no score. As defined in this video on randomness, there can be a certain element of contest, and a certain element of mental execution. By adding score for competition, and the mental execution of the primary mechanics, I am making my game look like a sport, which relies entirely on the player base to keep the game alive.

This is by no means the best way to make a game, as I first need to establish the player base, and to do that I must make an intriguing game mode that has absolutely no level of competition. At least for the time being.

I am going back to the drawing board, and rethinking the game mode that should have inherent depth to the current primary mechanics. I will get back once I have another prototype for such a game mode.


Well, I tried to play it, but didn’t understand what I;m soing. So I just randomly hit the colors, and I think I won. :slight_smile: So, yeah! :sunglasses: