[WIP-play online] FRONG

hello folks.

well i have been really on the ball on getting to know HAXE/OPENFL, and have been remaking a game i made in UNITY ages ago called FRONG.
the original FRONG is/was a mashup of 2 of my favorite games, PONG and BREAKOUT - with a 4 player twist.

but i have been remaking it completely, and have started to put it up on itch.io for people to play. currently it is just single player PONG against 3 computer character, but all that will change once more updates come.
im going to carry on adding too it and get it to what my original FRONG was like, which was local 4 player battle point scoring, but add in many more things too it.
i will also give out the source code once im finished with it as well. i just want to try and get it done first before handing out the code, maybe even do an iOS build as well :wink:

but just also wanted to say thanks for the help that i have received so far. its been lovely, and ive been loving using HAXE/OPENFL and cant wait to carry on adding to FRONG and start remaking my other games and making new ones :wink:

you can check out FRONG on my itch.io account

again, thanks for the help. and enjoy and even give pointers to what i should put in :wink:


Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work for me : (
I’ve tried on Firefox and Chrome.

hmmm. very strange, because im running chrome also. hmmm
and did double check on itch.io and had played it. very starge

ill have a check, thanks for letting me know :wink:

this is just a guess, but maybe it has something to do with the version of chrome, or maybe if anything is used to block ads or something. just a guess, but need to ask :wink:

hmm had a quick look. and checked on both safari and chrome and they both work. safari took a few seconds to show, but i think that because it was the first time using the browser since i just use chrome.
ill keep on looking to see what it could be

but it also plays on my pad as well, controls [since its not touch… yet ;)] dont work, but it comes on. so think that it may be a ad blocker or plugin/extension you may have on

this is chrome

this is safari

Nice game, slightly too big for my screen.
Also when the ball is reintroduced it’s hard to catch it.

But otherwise it’s really cool, a 4 players pong is way more interesting :slight_smile:

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thanks for the pointer. i will be making it smaller actually. but thanks also for pointing it out :wink:

well. my first version of it was actually with breakout blocks in. so not only do you get points for breaking blocks, you took points off the player if you scored past them. plus it had 4 balls.

but these things will be making it back in. this is a public view of changes really. i guess thats one way i could put it. so you see it from its infant state to a more complete look later on

thanks again. ill be putting in some small changes soon after ive re-made my site :wink:

alright peeps,

ive just uploaded a new version - 0.0.2
this now allows upto 4 players. controls are on the page. also made the window smaller [600x600]

plus a few other smaller things. i do also put the version numbers at the bottom of the page to say what has changed or added :wink:


enjoy :wink:

If it helps, you might be interested in the default template, which scales and letterboxes games in order to handle different screen sizes. You could use something similar to adapt to smaller and larger screens, while still keeping a background color that makes the letterboxing invisible

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ill keep that in mind. sounds good :wink:

just put up 0.0.3
just a few minor things changed. plus put in sound :wink: